Arequipa is a city surrounded by volcanoes; a wonderful blue sky, white houses built of volcanic stone and the Misti volcano has given the city a unique feature.

The Cathedral in the main square and the baroque churches are distinguished by architectural details such as: Church of San Agustín, Church of La Recoleta, Church of La Merced, Church of San Francisco, Church of Santo Domingo and the Monastery of Santa Catalina.

San Lorenzo, Selva Alegre, Cayma and Yanahuara are traditional neighborhoods full of typical details. Other examples of mixed architecture and ashlar work could be admired in some colonial houses such as: Moral, Arrospide; Goyoneche; Bustamante; and Tristan del Pozo.

Other sites of interest are the petroglyphs of Toro Muerto, the Colca Canyon; and the Cotahuasi Canyon.

Tourist Places in Arequipa
  • Arequipa Downtown:
    Main Square, the Cathedral, the church and cloisters of La Compañia, Complex and Church of San Francisco.
  • Monastery of Santa Catalina:
    The monastery was built to house the daughters (with religious vocation) of the most distinguished families of the city. It was founded in 1580 under the patronage of Saint Catherine of Siena. The monastery has several rooms, including a gallery to display paintings from Cuzco style.
  • Casa del Moral:
    Villa of the eighteenth century is one of the oldest and most important architectural monuments of Baroque style in Arequipa. The house is named after an ancient mulberry tree in its main courtyard. The house has colonial and republican furniture. The entrance made of volcanic stone, is a work of art with figures carefully carved. Also features a living room with sixteenth-century maps of America.
  • Yanahuara:
    It was built in the nineteenth century, formed by arcs of volcanic stone, are engraved the words of famous people of Arequipa. The place has a privileged view of the city and the Misti volcano.
  • Colca Canyon:
    it is considered the deepest canyon in the world and is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Arequipa. It is located in the Colca Valley, 40 km from the village of Chivay. It has a minimum altitude of 1,375 m. and a maximum of 4,525 m.