Located on the plateau of Collao on the shores of Lake Titicaca, Puno is a city full of colors where the blue sky and the lake contrast with the bright colors of its inhabitants clothing, offering a wonderful visual spectacle.

The religious buildings show the richness of the area including the Cathedral of Puno built in the 18th century; it was made of carved stone with Andean motifs and surrounded by stone walls.

This highland city is known for its famous Islands: Uros and Taquile, where even today people still practice their ancestral customs.

Puno nearby tourist attractions
  • Sillustani:
    This archaeological complex is located on the shores of Lake Umayo. Famous for its “chullpas” circular stone towers built as burial sites for authorities of the ancient inhabitants of the Collao. Some of them have a high of 12 meters, and its main feature is that the diameter of the base is less than the diameter of the top.
  • Lake Titicaca:
    Between Peru and Bolivia, it is the world’s highest navigable lake (approximately 3,800 m.) covering an area of 8,562 km2. The average temperature is 13°C. The rainy season starts in December ending in March.
  • Floating Islands of Uros:
    They are unique islands in the lake, built by the same people; the floor is made of totora reed.
  • Taquile Island:
    Its main features are the terraces, paths, and the local population, which preserves the traditions of pre-colonial era.