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Sales  Conditions


All prices are for one (01) person, expressed in US dollars and subject to changes without prior notice.

Standard Tour Plans

Prices of tour plans to Peru displayed in our website apply only to foreign passengers or Peruvians who are not residents of the country. At least two (02) passengers are required to start the tour offered in the regular SHARED service. Airfares (for domestic and/or international flights) as well as airport taxes or duties are not included. The company offers only what each plan details.

Custom Tour Plans

Custom tour plans and/or services are subject to the same terms and conditions hereof unless otherwise stated according to an agreement.


Hotel categorization follows local standards.
Hotel confirmation is subject to availability, otherwise lodging will be booked at another hotel of similar category, prior notice to the passenger.

Meal Plan

Meals are included only if the plan specifies so.

Luxury Services

Services in the “Luxury” category such as: train Cusco / Machu Picchu Hiram Bingham, five-star hotels, boutique hotels, etc. shall be requested at least two (02) months in advance and be paid in full ten (10) days after reservation confirmation.

Tax Exemptions

All tourist plans for foreigners or Peruvians who are not residents of the country are exempted from the IGV (18% General Sales Tax) in the case of lodging only. In order to apply to such exemption, all passengers shall show their “Andean Migration Card” (TAM) and passport duly stamped with the date of entry into the country upon hotel check-in. Whether the passenger fails to have the above card and entry stamp, the hotel is entitled to charge the passenger for the hotel rate difference directly.

Itinerary Changes

Some services may be interrupted and/or cancelled due to: weather conditions, social problems, riots, natural disasters or reason of force majeure; thus GRANTOUR PERU S.A. reserves the right to modify the travel itinerary seeking your own benefit.

Air Tickets

Price of air tickets is expressed in US dollars and subject to changes without prior notice according to seat availability. Flight time, route and number are subject to changes, according to the airline, up to the date of travel. GRANTOUR PERU S.A. is not held responsible for any flight modification, delay or cancellation, but commits to provide you with advice in the case your itinerary results affected. In case of loss, reimbursement or changes, GRANTOUR PERU S.A. shall apply sales terms and conditions set forth by the airline. For other air ticket restrictions, GRANTOUR PERU S.A. shall adhere to the airline’s sales terms and conditions.

Down Payment – Guarantee

In order to confirm the reservation of tourist services, the client is required to pay 50% of the total cost within ten (10) days of plan approval. If the client fails to make such advance payment, GRANTOUR PERU S.A. reserves the right to modify the plan offered in both price and services and, ultimately, cancel any reservation. In the case of air tickets and/or “luxury” services, the client is required to pay 100% of the cost within ten (10) days of reservation approval, otherwise GRANTOUR PERU S.A. shall not be held responsible for changes in price, time, route and/or seat availability, both itinerary and final cost of travel being subject to variations.

Final Payment

The balance of the total cost shall be paid fifteen (15) days prior to start the tourist plan. After payment confirmation, GRANTOUR PERU S.A. will email you all travel documents: service vouchers, final itinerary, e-tickets, etc. Upon your arrival in Lima, Peru, you will be given all original documents.

Method of Payment

Wire transfers shall be made to the following bank account:

Address Av. 28 de Julio 271 – Miraflores – Lima – Perú
Telephone (51-1) 213-0900
Bank address Jr. Juan de Arona Nº 893 – San Isidro – Lima – Perú
Bank telephone number (51-1) 421-6939
Swift code BCPL-PE-PL
Currency US Dollars
Current account 194-0140546-1-65

Please send your payment order to verify at our bank. Fax it at (51-1) 446-4745 or email it to your sales representative.

We accept the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
For payments from abroad, please contact your sales representative.

We accept cash payments only in Nuevos Soles, US Dollars and/or Euros at the banking exchange rate of payment date. You should know that in Peru bills in the following conditions are not accepted: torn, burned, and ripped or with any physical damage. The company will not accept bills physically damaged.

Cancellations Made by the Client

Any travel cancellation made by the passenger shall be notified in written, and verified and confirmed by GRANTOUR PERU S.A. to avoid misunderstandings. Travel cancellations are subject to penalties on a case-by-case basis.

Individual passengers (01 to 05 persons)
16 to 30 days prior to travel 50 % of amount paid
07 – 15 days prior to travel 75% of amount paid
Less than 06 days prior to travel 100% of amount paid
Groups (06 to + persons)
46 to 90 days prior to travel 50 % of amount paid
31 – 45 days prior to travel 75% of amount paid
Less than 30 days prior to travel 100% of amount paid


GRANTOUR PERU S.A. shall give priority to your itinerary modification; however, in case we are forced to cancel your travel either partially or totally due to external events that may risk the client’s physical and mental integrity, the company will retain 10% of the amount paid for administrative costs. Reasons for such cancellations will be informed to the client in written. In the case of air tickets, GRANTOUR PERU S.A. will adhere to the airline’s sales terms and conditions.


Due to the nature of our services, the client accepts the risks in full knowledge of the facts for transferring no responsibility to GRANTOUR PERU S.A., to the tour guides or to different service providers for any accident that may occur. GRANTOUR PERU S.A. is not responsible for injuries, damages, illnesses, losses or any other setback caused by third parties, social problems, disturbances or natural disasters, but commits to provide you with necessary advice for your travel. Certain services included in plans offered such as lodging, meals, transportation, tours, etc. are contracted from independent vendors over which GRANTOUR PERU S.A. has no immediate control, but follows up their development. Upon payment of 50% of a tourist plan reservation, the client certifies they have no physical impairment or disability that may endanger their travel. We recommend that you have a medical check-up done before your travel for certain tourist plans may present sudden altitude changes.

Travel Insurance / Health Insurance

Tourist plans and services offered by GRANTOUR PERU S.A. include no travel insurance, health insurance or accident insurance. We recommend that you verify the validity of your personal insurance in order to be sure you are covered abroad in the case of loss, theft, illness, injuries or death. If you have no health and/or travel insurance, we recommend that you contract one at your place of origin.

Passport and other Travel Documents

We recommend that your passport be valid for six (06) months after the expected travel end date. Citizens from the Andean Community need no passport to enter Peru; however, in order to be eligible to lodging tax exemptions, it is necessary to show a passport with the proper entry stamp.

Visas and/or Special Permits

In all cases, with no exception, it is the client’s responsibility to obtain all required visas and travel permits for all countries they will visit or go through in transit, and seek information on as to which countries require a visa or special permit. Visas and country entry requirements may vary depending on the client’s nationality, length of stay and purpose of visit. The sole purchase of airline tickets and/or tourist plans does not guarantee the client’s entry into the destination country. Any information concerning visas conveyed by our staff must be verified with proper authorities that control visa and/or permit requirements (consulates or embassies). Such information is not part of our responsibility.

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